Calluses on Feet

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Calluses on feet are extremely common and they can affect many different areas of the foot. The most common cause by far is wearing shoes that are unfit. By unfit we are referring to any size or shape aspect of the shoe that forces the feet in a position prone to cause friction. Characteristics of an unfit shoe include:

  • narrow shoe tip
  • shoe size too small
  • shoe in-sole has a rough surface
calluses on feet
Calluses on feet

There are many other potential causes to calluses on feet, the aforementioned being the most common. The following are not as common but they do constitute a significant amount of cases.

  • wearing shoes without socks (plantar calluses)
  • toes curled in static resting position (also causes corns)
  • walking bare feet a lot
  • hiking

Prevention of Calluses on Feet

Purchase moleskin strips or patches to pad areas that are prone to calluses; these are guaranteed to prevent further calluses on feet. Foot callus formation can be prevented entirely by wearing shoes that fit properly. Avoid wearing tight fitting shoes, and limit the use of heels as they cause a shift in the weight towards the front of the body and on your toes, instead of being evenly divided across the whole foot. Discard old socks which have lost their padding properties, and make sure that your socks fit properly and are not too tight or too lose.

Treatment of Calluses on Feet


Get Relief from Calluses on Feet Symptoms
  • Reduce any stress on feet by walking less or temporarily pausing high demand activities such as hiking.
  • Apply a pressure relieving band aid
  • Moisturize the foot to relieve dryness
  • Get a foot massage


Discover the source of Calluses on Feet Pressure or Friction
  • Eliminate the source of pressure
  • Change your shoes to more suitable ones that ensure equal weight distribution
  • Purchase >moleskin pad (for calluses on top of feet) or callus cushion pads (for calluses on base of feet) that can be inserted into the shoe. These will alleviate the pressure and some symptoms.


Conservative Treatment Methods for Calluses on Feet


Consider going to the podiatrist if all else fails for your Calluses on Feet
Consult your nearest podiatrist only after you have unsuccessfully tried at least one of the conservative methods above consistently for two weeks. The doctor will most likely use a scalpel to trim away the dead skin. This procedure is called paring and it is the most effective method in dealing with calluses on feet. However, this should be used as a last resort (because of cost) and most cases are best treated with conservative methods.

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