Be Natural Callus Eliminator by ProLinc Review

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Pros & Cons of Be Natural Callus Eliminator by ProLinc

In-Depth Review & Thoughts

How to use: Using callus remover gels are not a  joke. They often contain strong active ingredients such as Dihydroxy Propylene, which is the main ingredient here. How else do you figure they soften calluses in a matter of minutes?

Not to scare you away as these gels are very effective, but please do not leave them on your skin for hours or you will suffer burns. Apply the Be Natural Callus Eliminator by ProLinc gel for 3 minutes, and 5 minutes maximum if your calluses are thick and huge.

Using Be Natural Callus Eliminator by ProLinc only for 3-5 minutes is guaranteed not to give you any sort of burns or other injuries whatsoever. For safety purposes wear gloves to protect your hands if they are sensitive. If you do not use gloves then rinse your hands immediately after applying the gel (keep a bucket with you, or sit beside the sink before beginning to apply). With that out of the way, let’s give you an idea about how effective Be Natural Callus Eliminator by ProLinc is.

Pros Cons
1. Great Price. 1. Contains strong Acids (not a big concern if you stick with 3-5 min of application).
2. Highly effective & quick results. 2. Not suitable for sensitive skin.
3. Reputable brand. 3. Not suitable if you don't want your skin to have contact with chemicals
4. Removes the hardest calluses, even cracked heels. No, do not go anywhere near these if you are a diabetes patient.

Be Natural Callus Eliminator by ProLinc

The Be Natural Callus Eliminator by ProLinc does indeed live up to its claims. After 3 minutes of application, the calluses simply come off like banana skin. Use a scraper to remove the dead skin evenly. Depending on the thickness of your callosities you might need to use it again, but be sure to leave 1 week in between applications.

This is to let the healthy skin toughen up and not get sensitive. Well that’s about it, the product is really cheap too. It cost 7 bucks at amazon for the 4oz bottle, so buy according to how much you require. Compare that to 40 bucks for a pedicure at your local salon, and this becomes a no brainer.

We are not the only ones raving about this product, here are a few friends reviews of Be Natural Callus Eliminator by ProLinc

“First off, let me say I am 48 years old and I have suffered calluses in the last few years, big, thick, nasty calluses that just look so ugly and I have tried a number of different ways to get rid of them. Chriss recommended the Be Natural Callus Eliminator to me and I thought I may as well give it a go, nothing to lose…
I applied the liquid, carefully following the instructions on the package and I have to say I was blown away by the results. Previously I had used a callus file which sent to take ages to file away my big thick suckers, my arm would get tired!. I found in just a few minutes my huge calluses were so soft, I could use my electric callus remover to get rid of them instantly. I am so excited I can wear my beautiful sandals and thongs in Summer again:) My feet are soft and smooth again, I suggest you give this a go.”

“I have tried callus removal creams before without much success. I had heard about the Be Natural Callus Eliminator by ProLinc and read the reviews, people seemed really happy with it so I thought I would give it a go. I have used it twice now and find it works absently brilliantly. My feet have had no reaction to the product and it works so quickly to soften up really hard calluses. My feet are happy as I don’t have to wear pressure relieving Band-Aids any more!”


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