Baby Foot Callus Peel Review: How Can This Simple Peel Be So Effective?

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Baby Foot Callus Peel Review

In-Depth Review & Thoughts

Baby Foot Peel is the most popular callus peel in the market, and it is for a reason! It promises to leave you with baby smooth feet like those of a newborn baby in just 7 days. Well, lets put that claim to a test. Here are results of applying the baby foot peel day by day:

Day 1 : Product applied for 1 hour – Slight stinging experienced but disappears soon after. No peeling visible even after washing product off. Foots feels very tight and dry.

Day 2: No peeling visible. Feet are dry as ever.

Day 3: The peeling has finally started to kick in. Heels have the most peel patches.

Day 4: Wow! My feet have started to peel crazy. I soaked my feet in water for 15 minutes as it helps to quicken the peeling.

Day 5: Some more peeling. Nothing much else to report.

Day 6: Skin is beginning to clear up. I can almost see the smooth skin

Day 7-10: More minor peeling. But the majority of peeling has subsided. All of my calluses have disappeared except one really ancient thick callus. I will probably have to see the podiatrist for this one.

At the end of the day baby foot peel did deliver baby smooth skin! Our only complaint is that it slightly over-dries the foot and the thicker calluses do not disappear. And the other thing was, its odor reminds us of a high school chemistry lab! The smell goes away after washing the foot though. So it’s not all that bad. The real deal here is the price of the product when purchased online. Compare that to a pedicure and you have yourself a winner!

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Pros & Cons of Baby Foot Callus Peel

Pros Cons
1. One time application 1. Peeling takes time to take place, you need to be patient
2. Cheaper than other peel kits 2. Dries out the skin on the feet
3. Reputable brand 3. Smells like a chemistry lab(does not leave traces of smell)
4. Peels most calluses 4. Does not fully take care of very thick calluses
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